ActorParlor is the first-ever dedicated social and professional network for actors and performers to chat, connect, and create. Founded in November 2017, ActorParlor launched its beta development stage through March 25th, 2018, during which we tested features, refined forum categories, refined connectivity features, and sought community feedback. As of Thursday, April 5th, 2018, ActorParlor launched its public platform.

Let’s say you’re a performer moving to a new city or just starting your career. ActorParlor will allow you to connect with others, get much-needed information, and find friends, work opportunities, class recommendations, general advice, and more. Alternatively, let’s say that you’re a veteran in your respective field who is searching for work opportunities or seeking new connections. Perhaps you’d like to notify the ActorParlor community of exciting work you’ve been doing, or finally put together that theatre company or film you’ve been dreaming about for years. Or, maybe you need to run lines or find someone to offer feedback on your stand-up routine. Regardless of your goals, ActorParlor provides a flexible platform for our community to find exactly what they need, when they need it.

Currently, ActorParlor sports member profiles, an internal direct messaging system and sitewide and regional community forums, with additional features being added daily.

It's common to hear, “It’s a small world,” and quite unsurprisingly, the entertainment business is even smaller. With ActorParlor, the field is exponentially more connected, more social, and far more accessible. Join ActorParlor today, and join the community that is revolutionizing how connections are made.